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Agriculture is the cornerstone of the survival of a country and a nation. Whether human civilization can multiply and develop to today's developed level is always inseparable from the basic guarantee of agriculture. The development of modern science and technology by leaps and bounds, especially the Internet, Internet of things, artificial intelligence (AI), automatic driving, quantum technology, 3D printing and other industrial technology revolutionary development, will completely change people's way of life...


Science and technology agriculture, increase production and become rich, improve nutrition, environmental protection and green, and support the national policy of large national health industry.


Pesticides are used to prevent and control crop diseases, pests and weeds, and help increase yields. The annual consumption of pesticides in China is close to 3.5 million tons, the per capita and per mu are excessive, and the variety structure is unreasonable.


Natural Brassinolide (Brassinolide, BR) is a plant steroid hormone with a special seven-membered lactone ring first determined by the American scientist Golov et al. in 1979.

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