How to use brassinolides

1. Seed treatment: can be dipped, mixed or dipped in the root, the specific dosage should be determined according to the fertility of the local soil and the reproductive period of the crop, in general, per mu with 0.01% brassinolide 2-3 ml to 15-20 kg of water for mixing the seeds, dipping the seeds can be before sowing or before the emergence of seedlings before the seeding of the dip 1, germination can be in the sowing of the seeds within 5-7 days of dipping the seeding of each 1, but also can be used in the seedling stage of the crop. It can also be used in the seedling stage of crops.

2. Seedling stage: In the seedling stage of crops (generally in the 3-4 leaf stage), 0.01% brassinolide 20 ml/mu can be sprayed, or 0.01% brassinolide 10-20 ml/mu can be sprayed by foliar spray, in order to promote the growth of seedlings and flower bud differentiation.

3. Foliar spraying: 0.01% brassinolide can be diluted with water at the ratio of 1:20 and then evenly sprayed on the front and back of the growing leaves and flowers.

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