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Natural brassinolide (generic name: brassinolide) is the sixth class of plant endogenous hormones, internationally recognized as the most active, broad-spectrum, non-toxic plant growth regulator. Plant physiologists believe that it can fully stimulate the potential of plants, give full play to their growth advantages, promote the balanced growth of plants, enhance the ability of resistance to stress (drought, waterlogging, cold, salinity, diseases, etc.), and greatly increase the yield.
However, due to its minimal content in plants, the extraction process is very complex and the extraction cost is expensive. Since the discovery of natural brassinoid by American scholars in 1970, it has not been able to overcome the world problem of industrial mass extraction of natural brassinoid for 25 years.
The artificial synthetic brassinoid products (such as: Table 24-brassinoid, Yunda -120, Tianfengsu, etc.) successfully researched by various countries have different stereochemical structures from natural brassinoid, and their activity is only 1\10-1\4 of natural brassinoid, and their efficacy is not as good as natural brassinoid. So far, synthetic products from all over the world have not been able to replace natural brassinoid.
Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd., founded by Professor Huang Zhigui (former head of the Department of Chemistry of Southwest normal University and returned to Yiwu after retirement), is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise with more than 10 professors, senior engineers and researchers. there are also a number of doctoral, master and college and Secondary specialized school graduates, with strong scientific research and production strength. In 1995, it overcame the difficult problem of mass production of natural brassinoid, leading the world in successfully producing 0.15 Huangjia natural brassinoid EC (annual output 50 tons), making China the first country in the world to mass produce and promote natural brassinoid.
In 1996, under the organization of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission and presided over by Chen Yaozu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huangjia natural brassinoin passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements. In 1997, Zhejiang Chemical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station made quality certification. The former Ministry of Chemical Industry issued a pesticide production approval certificate, and the Ministry of Agriculture issued a pesticide registration certificate. Huangjia natural brassinoid has been recognized by the national pesticide management department, with complete three certificates, and has been listed as a major science and technology project in Zhejiang Province in 97 and a national torch plan project in 98. At the 11th National Pesticide Efficacy Test Summary Meeting, after the National Institute for Drug Control summarized the test effects of 65 domestic and 13 foreign plant growth regulators, Huangjia natural brassinoid was recommend as the only product in this category to the whole country. The 3rd Symposium on Chemical Prevention and Control of Vegetable Virus Diseases of the Chinese Society of Microbiology also regarded it as the only product recommend to the whole country among plant growth regulators. The National Science and Technology News issued a notice in December 1998 that Huangjia natural brassinoin was included in the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" national key promotion plan for scientific and technological achievements.
Huangjia natural brassinin can fully stimulate the inherent potential of plants, give full play to the growth advantages, promote the balanced and healthy growth of plants, enhance drought resistance, waterlogging resistance, cold resistance, salt resistance, virus resistance, phytotoxicity and other anti-stress ability, greatly increase the yield, and can improve the quality of crop fruits, improve its nutritional value, but also can prevent virus diseases and bacterial diseases and other magical effects, this is unmatched by any other synthetic plant growth regulator of the same kind.


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