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Natural brassinoid is a specific drug for the control of tomato virus diseases
400712 Citrus Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Gesheng, Li Jixiang
Liu Kaiyin, Hushan Town, Longtan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, 400712

Virus disease is one of the main diseases of tomato. It occurs in all tomato producing areas in the north and south of China, with a mild incidence rate of about 30%. In severe cases, it can cause the whole area to lose harvest and become the main disease threatening open field in summer and autumn and greenhouse tomatoes in late autumn and early spring.
Tomato virus disease is caused by single or combined infection of cucumber mosaic virus CMV and tobacco mosaic virus TMV. According to records, CMV hosts melons, solanaceous fruits, beans, cruciferous vegetables, celery, lettuce and a variety of flowers, weeds and other 45 families of 124 species of plants. It is mainly by aphids, such as peach aphid, cotton aphid, radish aphid and other winged aphid adults and various age insects, and can be transmitted through the juice. TMV can infect 236 species of plants in 33 families and invade from wounds mainly by contact. It can overwinter in various perennial hosts and some cultivated crops, and is attached to various agricultural tools and living products in large quantities through various agricultural activities in the field, of which tomato branch racks and work clothes worn during operation carry the largest amount of poison. Tomato seeds, from seedlings to the field of the entire cultivation and management process, are very easy to spread the infection through human hands and tools...

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