Brassinolide should not be used in 9 cases, agronomic knowledge must be understood

1. It is not recommended to use brassinolide alone: the growth-promoting effect of brassinolide on crops is poor when used alone, and it is recommended to use it with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium foliar fertilizers in order to get better growth effect.

2. Should not be used when the temperature is too high: when the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the crop leaves absorb the sun's heat and light ability, at this time, spraying brassinolide, the agent will soon evaporate, resulting in the concentration of the agent becomes large, easy to make the foliage burns, resulting in drug damage.

3. Should not be used when the temperature is lower than 10 ℃: in the case of low temperature, the biological activity of brassinolide will be significantly reduced, and can not promote the growth and development of crops and improve the quality of yield.
4. Can not be mixed with alkaline substances: brassinolide is an acidic substance, mixed with alkaline substances will occur neutralization reaction, reducing the effect of brassinolide, so that it loses its effect.

5. Crops should not be used when vigorous growth: as a plant growth agent, brassinolide is suitable for promoting crop growth and development, but in the case of crops that are already too exuberant, the use of brassinolide will only make the crops grow more exuberantly, resulting in non-flowering and non-fruitfulness, and easy to occur pests and diseases, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the crops.

6. Root growth should not be used: when the crop's root growth is unhealthy, in the application of brassinolide to promote the rapid growth of crops at the same time, the root system is difficult to provide sufficient nutrients for the crop, resulting in crop dieback.
7. High concentration should not be used: high concentration of brassinolide use will increase the risk of drug damage, and waste of pharmaceutical resources, increase the cost of planting, not worth it.

8. Try not to mix with herbicides: brassinolide mixed with herbicides will reduce the efficacy of herbicides, and even increase the biological activity of weeds, reducing the effect of weed control.

9. Should not be sprayed before the rain: after spraying brassinolide before the rain, the foliage of the crop absorbs more water, which makes the concentration of brassinolide in the plant dilute, thus losing the role of promoting growth.

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