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Yiqiang Drug Residue

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Powder 10g/bag
Mix each bag of product with 20 kg of water and spray evenly on the leaves. It can be sprayed every 10 days, and it is allowed to be mixed with neutral and weakly acidic pesticides and fertilizers.
Scope of application:
Food crops, vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal materials, oil crops, tea, etc.
Can not be mixed with alkaline substances; re-spray in case of rain within 4 hours after spraying.
Product description

Yiqiang® Drug Residue Product Manual
Pesticides are used to prevent and control crop diseases, pests and weeds, and help increase yields. The annual consumption of pesticides in China is close to 3.5 million tons, the per capita and per mu are excessive, and the variety structure is unreasonable. The proportion of highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides is large, causing serious environmental pollution. The pesticide residues of agricultural products generally exceed the standard, the quality of agricultural products is degraded, and exports are green. Barriers cause long-term damage to ecology and human and animal health, and affect the income of growers. The country is paying more and more attention to food safety and environmental ecology. The National Food Safety Standard Maximum Residue Limits of Pesticides in Food (GB 2763-2019) was officially implemented on 2020-02-15.
In addition to acute toxicity, pesticide residues in food and feed include chronic teratogenicity, carcinogenesis, and neurocirculation endocrine system toxicity. How to reduce pesticide residues in agricultural products has become a research hotspot in various countries around the world. The main methods of pesticide residue removal currently commonly used are:
1. Physical methods: such as ultrasonic treatment, activated carbon adsorption, washing and radiation disinfection, etc.;
2. Chemical methods: such as hydrolysis, ozone/hydrogen peroxide oxidation and photochemical degradation;
3. Biodegradation methods: such as microorganisms, degrading enzymes, etc.


The central function of these methods is to remove the residues attached to the surface of agricultural products, which cannot affect the pesticide residues inside the agricultural products, and it is difficult to make the agricultural products meet the national standards of the maximum pesticide residue limit.
A strong drug residue is the world's leading result of our company's ingenious research for more than 20 years, and is further updated and improved on the basis of national invention patents. The nature of the product is green, organic and environmentally friendly, no harmful residues, no secondary pollution.


Active ingredients: plant-derived active organic matter, rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, and formulated with vitality enhancing elements. Activate plant endogenous biochemical metabolic enzymes and promote the degradation and removal of pesticide residues. The product has no significant nutritional and fertilizer effects, and has no direct sterilization or insecticidal effects. Organic and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.


Mechanism and characteristics:
1. It has a broad-spectrum degradation and removal effect on pesticides of different chemical structures, reduces pesticide residues in agricultural products, and reduces the harm of pesticide residues to the food chain and the ecological environment.
2. Activate the internal detoxification mechanism of crops and promote the degradation and removal of pesticide residues.
3. Plant-derived natural active organic matter, supplemented with selected activators, synergistically increase the content and activity of biochemical metabolic enzymes in crops (such as P450 monooxidase, glutathione S transferase, hydrolase, oxidoreductase, etc.) .
4. Growers can continue to use pesticides and fertilizers routinely, but pesticide residues in agricultural products will be significantly reduced or not detected.


Manufacturer: Zhejiang Yiqiang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 3, Chengdian Road, Economic Development Zone, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Phone: 0579-85317888; 85327292; 85313890
Fax: 0579-85327010
Post Code: 322000


Design of Yiqiangyao Residual Clear® Packaging Bag




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