Role and efficacy of brassinolide

1. Increase yield and improve quality: brassinolide can improve crop resistance, such as resistance to dry and hot winds, resistance to low-temperature freezing, resistance to flooding, etc.; can promote photosynthesis, which is conducive to the absorption of more nutrients by the crop; can promote cell division, increase yield; can increase chlorophyll content, improve fruit quality.

2. Enhance crop resistance: brassinosteroid can enhance the crop's ability to adapt to drought, high temperature, low temperature and other adversities; it can promote crop growth, improve the resistance to diseases and pests; it can improve the crop's drought resistance and frost resistance; it can promote the growth of the root system, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the root system; it can enhance the crop's resistance to adverse environments and diseases and pests.

3. Delay leaf aging: brassinosteroid can prevent leaves from turning yellow and falling off prematurely; it can improve fruit coloring, make fruit coloring uniform; it can enhance photosynthesis, improve photosynthetic efficiency; it can prolong the functional period of leaves.

4. Anti-aging: brassinosteroid can resist oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation in plants; it can enhance the permeability of plant cell membranes, regulate the water balance and osmotic adjustment in plants; it can reduce the damage of abscisic acid and ethylene on leaf cells.

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