Huangjia Natural Brassinolide +920: both fruit preservation and shoot control

In 1971, American scientists discovered that a new plant hormone extracted from rape pollen can increase the growth rate of bean by 10 times! It has aroused the interest of scientists around the world. Due to the very small amount of natural plants extracted, in 1979, American and Japanese scientists took the lead in artificial synthesis. By the 1980s, there were more than 30 mimic brassin compounds in the world. Brassinolide is recognized as the sixth type of hormone by the world.

In 1989, Professor Huang Zhigui of our country challenged the global problem of natural extraction of brassin. It took two years to select materials from hundreds of plants, and finally explored the "efficient extraction method" and successfully developed the "natural brassin mixture" . Huangjia Natural Brassinolide is not only unique in China, but also unique in the world. This achievement has reached the international leading level. In 1994, "Huangjia Natural Brassinolide" was officially promoted nationwide.

   For a long time, spray 920 is an indispensable and important measure to preserve the fruit of sugar orange, and no hormone can replace it. The natural brassin +920, a combination of strong and powerful, complementary advantages, safer in production, and better results. Professor Zhang Gecheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that most plant growth regulators in the past have a single effect, and those that can control shoots may not necessarily preserve the existence of young fruits; those that can preserve young fruits have unsatisfactory shoot control effects. 920 is a very obvious example. It can delay the formation of delamination and reduce fruit drop, but it is a headache to promote summer shoots.

   Expert research found that sometimes two hormones are used in combination, and the effect is better than a single one. Huangjia Natural Brassinolide +920 has a strong combined effect. The formation of separation layer is related to the lack of nutrients, the absorption and operation of nutrients, and the flow of nutrients; the absorption, operation and flow of nutrients are affected by auxin. The excellent function of natural brassinolide is that it can regulate the transfer of auxin to young fruit and promote the delivery of a large number of nutrients to young fruit. At the same time, it promotes the growth of the root system and enhances the absorption and operation of nutrients. The nutrient absorbed by the fruit tree from the environment doubles, the chlorophyll content increases, and the photosynthetic efficiency improves. The nutrient is transported to the fruit, so that the young fruit stalk is not easy to produce delamination. It grows fast and firm, which greatly improves the fruit set rate, and it is a wonderful match with the 920. As a result of attracting a large amount of nutrients to the fruit, the summer buds are in a state of being inhibited, delaying or reducing the withdrawal, making up for the lack of 920 to promote the summer shoots, and ensuring the growth and development of young fruits for nutrients. Therefore, Huangjia Natural Brassinolide is different from the other five types of hormones. It has a different role and can automatically and balance plant growth in different growth periods. Guangdong Office of Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd., Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.

Author: Zeng Qingqi

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