Role of brassinosteroids in improving the yield and quality of lychee

According to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhang Gecheng et al. in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, test: 14 years old annual flowering but seldom fruit of the live litchi trees, in the first and second physiological fruit drop early spraying 0.15% natural brassinosteroid emulsion (Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd. production) once, the treatment of the eight trees are able to produce results, the plant yield of 15.6-34.2 kg, untreated twelve control trees, only six plants results, an average plant yield of 4.42 kg. The average yield was 4.42 kg. 329.86% higher yield was obtained from the treated trees than from the control trees. Indoor analysis showed that the treated trees gained 5.5 g of fruit weight per plant compared with the control, the weight of seed kernel was 0.16 g lighter, and some of the kernels were burnt, and the edible rate increased by 5.85 percentage points, which was a very significant effect.

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