"Huangjia Natural Brassinolide" is a hot seller in Gao Yao.

"Too God, how many flowers to protect how many fruits." A few days ago, Xu Jianming, a fruit farmer in Lvbu Town, Gao Yao, pointed to the front of the three tangerine praised "Huangjia natural brassinas".

  In April 2008, Xu Jianming more than 3,000 satsuma tangerine trees with Huangjia natural brassinas found that the fruit tree's flowers bloomed full of branches, and then sprayed again in the period of fruit preservation, found that the amount of fruits than before greatly improved. It was also found that after spraying the brassinas, the summer shoots were not much and were well controlled. Before the fruit coloring, he sprayed again, and found that the fruit coloring is very uniform, and the fruit size is also very uniform.

  Xu Jianming is a "fruit tree pass", currently managed by him on behalf of the orchard of no less than 100,000 plants, throughout the Zhaoqing area. He said, before using different types of flower and fruit preservation agent, the effect is general. However, after using Huangjia natural brassinas, the fruit tree yield greatly improved; the top of the large fruit rate is reduced, the proportion of less than 1%; and coloring is very uniform; the summer end of the twig is not much, but the autumn end of the twig is very vigorous, which is conducive to the growth of orange fruit. Therefore, Xu Jianming could not wait to recommend other farmers to try. As a result, everyone exclaimed, "It's too late to use this brassinosteroid, if you know how to use it a few years earlier, you may earn a lot of money now."

  Deng Bo, a fruit grower, also felt deeply about Huangjia natural brassicas. Before using Huangjia natural brassicas, his more than 1,000 satsuma tangerine tree yield can not be raised, has been lower than the next orchard. For this reason, he was once lost, and complained that he didn't know the technology and couldn't make money by planting oranges. After being pointed out by Xu Jianming, Deng Bo finally found the reason: it turned out that the orchard next door was so productive because of the use of Huangjia natural brassinas. So last year, he also used Huangjia natural brassinol. In accordance with the instructions, he in the flowering period, fruit preservation period, coloring period were applied to the Royal JIA natural brassinas, the results found that not only the yield came up, and even the fruit is also enhanced, the sugar level has been greatly improved. "Other people's fruit last year sold 0.9 yuan / catty, my fruit can be sold to more than 1.1 yuan / catty." Deng Bo said proudly.        --Xu Jianhua

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