Huangjia natural brassinol production line

Project Name: Huangjia Natural Brassinolide Production Line
  Project industry: biological pesticide

  Project unit: Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co.

  Project content and scale:

  Natural brassinolide common name for rape endocannabinoids, is the latest class of endogenous plant hormones. Internationally recognized as the most active high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, non-toxic, natural plant growth regulator, which can fully stimulate the plant's own potential, play a growth advantage, promote balanced plant growth and enhance the resistance to adversity (drought, waterlogging, cold, saline and alkali, disease, etc.) ability to lift the pesticide damage, prevention and control of viral diseases, significantly increase crop yields, improve the quality of fruits, and improve the nutritional value of agricultural products and the commercial value. It is regarded by experts as the golden key to increase agricultural production and efficiency in the 21st century. At present, the company has a full set of production lines, equipment and office buildings, owns the intellectual property rights of all the processes and production technologies, as well as various production and sales licenses, and the products have been sold to more than 1,000 counties (cities) across the country.

  Total investment: 40 million dollars

  Capital introduction: 16 million dollars

  Cooperation Mode: Joint Venture Cooperation

  Brief introduction of the Chinese project unit:

  Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. With a number of professors, researchers and engineers, the company has world-leading technology and excellent production equipment. The company invested 20 million yuan to build the world's first industrialized large-scale production of natural brassinolide plant, is the Ministry of Chemical Industry licensed designated production of natural brassinolide the only enterprise. There are factory buildings, comprehensive building, scientific research building construction area of 8000 square meters. In line with the tenet of "customer's interest is the most important, quality service first", the company has established a set of strict and reliable production and quality assurance system from the raw materials into the factory to the products on the market. The company has established a set of strict and reliable production and quality assurance system in the whole process from raw materials to products. This ensures that the products have excellent performance, stable quality, low price and convenient use.

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