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Natural Brassinolide (Brassinolide, BR) is a plant steroid hormone with a special seven-membered lactone ring first determined by the American scientist Golov et al. in 1979. The chemical name is (2α,3α,22R,23R)- Tetrahydroxy-24S-methyl-β-homo-7-oxa-5α-cholestan-6-one is the most active plant growth regulator known so far. Its specific molecular structure and spatial configuration are as follows:




Since 1980, a variety of isomers and analogs of brassinolide have been artificially synthesized, and a variety of analogs have been isolated and identified from plants, totaling more than 100 species. The introduction of this large class of molecules on the Internet is very confusing, causing people to misunderstand and confusion about this compound with extremely strong biological activity and broad application prospects. The common brassinolide types and activity comparisons in the domestic market are shown in the following table.




The 24th carbon atom in the natural brassinolide (BR) molecule has an asymmetric chiral space structure and belongs to 24S, which is represented by a wedge-shaped solid line. 24-epibrassinolide (24-epibrassinolide) is one of the main types of chemically synthesized brassinolide. It also occurs naturally in plants. It has the same element types and number of atoms as the BR molecule. Isomers, except that the spatial configuration of the 24th carbon atom belongs to 24R, which is represented by a wedge-shaped dashed line. It is this difference that makes the biological activity of 24-epibrassinolide only 10% of natural brassinolide (see attached table).

The substituent attached to the 24-position carbon of natural brassinolide is a methyl group. If it is changed to an ethyl group (CH3-CH2-), the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms will increase, that is, an additional -CH2- Group. The -CH2- in the ethyl group, according to the naming rules, is already the 28th carbon atom in the carbon chain number of the molecule, and there is also a 29th carbon atom attached to it, which is higher than the 28th carbon atom, so it is called It is 28-homobrassinolide (28-high BR). 28-High BR is a homolog of brassinolide, and it is also one of the chemically synthesized and widely used compounds. There are also natural substances present in plants, and its activity is lower than natural brassinolide (see British Phytochemistry Attached table to the magazine articles in 1986).

Huangjia brassinolide is extracted from plant-derived raw materials, with high concentration (0.15%), natural, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, non-toxic, can enhance plant health and growth vitality, detonate potential, and enhance the photosynthesis of leaf green tissue , Improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption and utilization, which is conducive to the reduction and efficiency of fertilizers, promotes the growth and development of plant roots, buds, flowers and fruits, significantly improves resistance to disease, drought, and cold resistance, reduces and eliminates pesticide damage, and guides Plants grow in a balanced and robust manner, preserve flowers and fruits, expand fruits, significantly increase yield and improve quality.






Product specifications Details in the box Quantity in the box net weight
2g 50 packs/box x 40 2000 bags/box 4.0 KGS
4g 50 packs/box x 20 1000 bags/box 4.0 KGS
16g 10 bottles/box x 20 200 bottles/carton 3.2 KGS
50g 4 bottles/box x 24 96 bottles/carton 4.8 KGS
100g 4 bottles/box x 12 48 bottles/carton 4.8 KGS


Certificates and awards:


License Issuing authority License number
1. business license Yiwu Market Supervision Administration 9.13308E+17
2. National Torch Program National Science and Technology Committee 98D231D7000276
3. National key promotion project of scientific and technological achievements National Science and Technology 99110104A-2797
4. Pesticide registration certificate Ministry of Agriculture PD20080663
5. Pesticide production license Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province Pesticide Health (Zhejiang) 0074
6. manufacturer Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd.
3 Chengdian Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Emergency call:0579-85317888


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