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Huangjia brassinolide extracted from plant raw materials, high concentration (0.15), natural, efficient, broad-spectrum, non-toxic, can enhance plant health and growth vitality, detonation potential, enhance leaf green tissue photosynthesis

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Natural brassinolide (Brssolie BR)) is a plant-like enzyme hormone whose molecular structure was first determined by American scientists Golov and others in 1979. It contains a special seven-member internal energy ring. Its chemical name (Q2α,3022R23R)-tetrahydroxy -24S-methyl -8-high -7-hetero -5 α-cholestane -6-one is a plant growth regulator with high activity known so far, its specific molecular structure and spatial configuration are as follows:
After 1980, a variety of brassinolide isomers and analogs were synthesized artificially, and a variety of analogs were isolated and identified from plants, with a total of more than 100 kinds. 1 of this large class of molecules on the Internet
Shao is very chaotic, causing the Chinese people to this.
understanding errors and confusion of compounds with strong biological activity and broad application prospects. The types and activities of brassinolide commonly found in the domestic market are shown in the following table.

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