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Company Profile

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Agriculture is the cornerstone of the survival of a country and nation. Whether human civilization can multiply and develop to the level of today's advanced development is always inseparable from the basic guarantee of agriculture. The rapid development of modern technology, especially the revolutionary development of the Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous driving, quantum technology, 3D printing and other industrial technologies will completely change people's lifestyles. But there is one fact that will never change, that is, "food is the heaven for the people." No matter how developed the industry and how convenient life is, people will always be inseparable from three meals a day, and will not stop pursuing healthy, nutritious and delicious food. In order to ensure that we can enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious food, using modern biotechnology theories and techniques to stably produce nutritious and safe food without pesticide residues is a national policy of great strategic significance in the future.
  Yiwu Huangjia Biochemical Co., Ltd. is a plant growth regulator production and sales enterprise founded by the fathers of our Huang family, under the leadership of Professor Huang Zhigui, with natural brassinolide as the leading product. It is a biotechnology enterprise that produces natural brassinolide on a global scale. The second generation of the Huang family's four brothers inherited the technology and life values ​​of their fathers, holding high the banner of science and technology, green environmental protection and healthy agriculture, and established Zhejiang Yiqiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
   The purpose of the second-generation company is: scientific and technological agriculture, increase production and wealth, improve nutrition, environmental protection and green, and support the national policy of the national health industry.

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